Church Government

The term "Presbyterian" refers to our Form of Government, which is representative in nature.  The local congregation is governed by elders, collectively called The Session, who are elected by the congregation.  The Session's committees include:

Administration and Finance
Buildings and Grounds
Christian Education
Missions and Outreach

The Pastor moderates monthly Session meetings.

There is also a Board of Deacons (also elected by the congregation) whose ministry is one of caring, love, compassion, prayer, and community service.

Authority in a Presbyterian (USA) congregation is from the bottom (congregation) upward, so there is far more local control in a particular church than there is regional or national control.  Staff at the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly levels all serve to support, resource, and equip the local congregations, which in turn, voluntarily choose to provide financial support to these upper-level bodies.

Murrells Inlet Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbytery of New Harmony, some 60+ congregations in the large northeastern corner of South Carolina.  The presbyteries in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida comprise the Synod of the Southeast.  The 16 synods in the United States, in turn, make up the Presbyterian Church (USA).  The denomination is guided by decisions of a biennial General Assembly (representatives from each presbytery), and a permanent General Assembly staff, centrally located in Louisville, KY.